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My 7-day free sugar-free challenge is back to help you kick the sugar habit

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5 days to set new habits

Are you fed up with constant sugar cravings?

Do you start your day full of good intentions only to reach for the biscuit jar mid afternoon?

Do you literally feel like sugar screams your name between meals?

It's not just about willpower


We've all been taught that if you eat lots of sugary foods then you obviously don't have much willpower. But there is so much more to it than that. And we've all been there ... you're so committed to a day without chocolate or sugar in your tea, but as the day wears on you cave. But what happens to your mindset from morning to night?  It's not just will power, the cause is much deeper.

Joining in this reset will help you identify what areas of your diet are allowing these cravings to kick in. Are you not eating enough? Are your meals sufficiently balanced to help you avoid cravings, and is your diet full of hidden sugars that is driving your cravings. Together we can work it out!


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5-day meal plan with shopping list and prep guides (you can follow exactly or just use as a guide)

Daily recorded supporting content, available either on the dedicated Facebook group or on the membership site

Q&A forum to answer any of your sugar-related questions

Access to a private Facebook group just for those following the Sugar Reset Challenge. This is a great way to share your progress and struggles with people on the same challenge

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