10-day new year new you reset

Let's get those new year goals started!

Starting Tues 6th January

My 10-day new year new you reset is a great way to kick-start January

why only 10 days?

To get you back on track and lay the foundation of healthy eating

This ISN'T a restrictive or fad diet. You will eat 3 meals a day (with the option for a snack). We will focus on  balance. Meals will contain PROTEIN, FAT and CARBS. You NEED all of these!

Yes, it is a calorie-controlled meal plan, but one that you can adapt to your needs.

Low-moderate carb eating doesn't mean no carbs. Most of the carbs in the meals on my plans come from vegetables, which means they are natural high in fibre, something which a lot of low-carb meals plans don't have enough of.


why a january reset?

To start the year feeling great

Let's be honest, even with the best will in the world, many of us find certain habits creep in during the lead up to Christmas. And they can be hard to break, so let's break them together!

A reset doesn't have to mean going hungry or surviving on green juices. It's about resetting habits by including lots of healthy foods which nourish, energise and sustain you, and that naturally support your body's ability to detox.

A lot of people who go on diets or strict fasts in January fail because they are not sustainable. Especially here in UK where it's cold, dark and wintery. Dieting just makes you feel even colder. This 10-day reset is full of delicious recipes to stop you from feeling hungry and that have been specially designed to support your liver and so optimise detoxification.

Starting 6th January. No excuses - kids are back at school, holidays are over and you've had a few days post new year to get ready.

What's included?

You will still be able to eat lots of delicious food!

  • 10 days of new recipes. If you've worked with me before you'll know I generally advocate a low-moderate carbohydrate approach for helping you reach your weight goals. The recipes will follow these principles and are suitable for anyone following my weight loss programmes
  • Live webinars (recorded for those who can't attend live)
  • Regular Q&A
  • A targeted programme to help you lose those extra kgs that have krept on over the past few weeks
  • A natural detox - our bodies are perfectly capable of detoxing, but the conditions need to be right for that to happen optimally. We will focus on foods that help suppport detoxification.

“Smart-Start is as much as an investment in Alice as it is in your business. Alice is like no other, 12 women joined her program, all 12 of us now run 7-figure business. How much more proof do you need?”

Yessica Clarke - Online Business Coach

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Most meals are between 300-500  kcal per meal (the breakfasts tend to be lighter than the main meals because there is also an optional morning snack). 

The snacks are around 200-300 kcal each. 

The daily calorie intake is around 1,350-1,500 kcal each day. Weight loss is never really generic, so this is a guide only. There will also be advice on how to alter your daily intake to suit your needs. 

No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen every day cooking. The meals are designed to be simple and not be too time consuming to make. Timings are on each recipe and meals can be swapped around as you wish. 

I am a big fan of leftovers, so quite a few recipes will use leftovers from the day before. The plan also comes with a detailed shopping and meal prep list to save you time. And time saving tips are included where relevant. 

Meal prep is always the biggest timesaver, and taking an hour or so out of your weekend to meal prep can be a game changer for making life  easier. 

Absolutely! All the meals are nutritious and well-balanced, suitable for the whole family at any age. Each recipe tells you how many it serves, so you can simply double or triple if you need to cook for more. 

Possibly. Get in touch to check how it can be adapted to suit your needs. While all the recipes are balanced and don't contain anything that isn't suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, the calories may need to be adjusted to meet your needs. So please get in touch to discuss how we can make it work for you. 

Yes, the recipes are all brand new and have not been used in any of my other online weight loss programmes or resets. 

Absolutely! And I'd love to continue working with you.  There are several options for continuing to work with me. Either by signing up for one of my 12-week programmes, continuing the journey with my 21-day healthy weight reset, or by joining my membership size, "The Nourished"

My Nutrition Plan is ideal for

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The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment

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The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment

The benefits of this treatment


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