Online Weight Reset Programme


21-day Weight Reset Programme.


  • 3 x 7-day meal plans
  • Shopping list
  • Detailed guidebook to see you through the plan
  • Options for vegans and vegetarians
  • Supporting information to help you understand how and why this programme works
  • Next steps for what to do when you finish the programme


I’m so excited for you to join my newly updated 21-Day Weight Reset Programme.

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?
  • Has your weight ballooned over lockdown?
  • Are you stuck in the trap of skipping meals, being constantly hungry and ‘hangry’, getting bored with food, then sabotaging your progress with binges, undoing all your hard work and gaining more weight than you lost?
  • Sound familiar?

Would you like to simply follow a meal plan tailored to help you lose weight with easy-to-follow delicious recipes and shopping lists already done for you?

My 21-day programme will help you kickstart your weight loss journey. You will be eating plenty of healthy, filing, low carbohydrate (not no carbohydrate), nourishing meals. The programme is full of information to help you understand why this way of eating works, and will help you keep the weight off.

My goal is to get you thinking about food in a different way. Food is to be celebrated, embraced, and shouldn’t be something we fear because we’re worried it will make us gain weight. My updated 21-day plan even allows for a couple of free meals a week, where you can have some flexibility and freedom to eat out, maybe even a glass of wine if you want to. It’s all about balance. I want you to think about the bigger picture, not just how many calories you ate in one meal.  And I want you to move away from the mindset of having ‘failed’ at lunch, so I might just as well blow it all today and start again tomorrow. That’s not a healthy mindset to have.

I have designed this meal plan to provide the right amount of calories and the right mix of macros to help you lose weight. Of course we are not all the same and so have different needs, so the plan includes information to help you adjust accordingly. It also allows you to introduce some elements of Intermittent Fasting (IF) in weeks 2 and 3 if you feel ready.


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