Personalised 21-day Weight Loss Programme

“ It may have been the first weight loss programme I actually enjoyed doing. I achieved my initial goals but it doesn't stop here as Lisa has provided me with lifelong knowledge on a healthy diet.”

– Mrs A –

What's included?

My 21-day weight loss programme has been designed for those who are serious about weight loss and committed to making necessary adjustments to their diet to provide lasting weight loss. You will learn how to reduce cravings and improve energy through dietary changes. This isn’t a calorie-counting diet that will see you regain back the weight. This programme is based on my experiences working with weight loss clients, having learnt what works and what doesn’t to help people reach their goals. What you will receive:

  • An initial consultation where we will focus on current and past health issues, and look at what your goals are.  You will be requested to complete a health questionnaire and food diary prior to this appointment which will help to identify any underlying health issues that may be preventing you from reaching your desired weight
  • A follow up appointment, either face-to-face or via telephone/ Skype/Zoom
  • If you are based in London we will record measurements at the start and end of the programme via a Tania Body Composition Monitor, so we can track:
    – Body weight
    – BMI (Body Mass Index)
    – BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
    – Fat percent
    – Metabolic Age
    – Muscle mass
    – Visceral fat
  • A 21-day bespoke meal plan and shopping list to follow OR
  • Alternatively, for those who require greater flexibility and don’t want to follow a meal plan, you will receive a menu plan with portion sizes to use as a guide for how you should be eating over the course of the 3 weeks.
Avocado and baby spinach smoothie

“I followed the 21 days weight loss programme Lisa offers. My key objective was to speed up my metabolism and change my eating habits to achieve a longer term permanent change. Lisa was fantastic.”

– Mrs A –

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