Online 21-day Weight Reset

“Lisa equipped me with a lot of knowledge, tips and delicious recipes.”

– MRS A –

Imagine being able to lose weight, while eating lots of DELICIOUS food

Have you spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting? Caught in that never ending cycle of skipping meals, losing weight, getting bored or seeing cravings sabotage your progress so you end up gaining more weight than you've lost?

Are you too busy to even think about where to begin? Well I can help!

This 3-week programme will see you kickstart your weight loss journey while eating healthy, balanced, nourishing meals. There is even scope for a weekly free meal, and options to include some Intermittent Fasting (IF) during weeks 2 and 3 should you wish to extend the programme's weight loss abilities.

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My 21-day Weight Reset is for you if want to ...

Lose a few kilograms

Reduce bloating

Stop obsessing over calories

Stop those sugar cravings

Follow a guided meal plan

Discover a healthier you

Eat plenty of delicious food

Learn the benefits of low carb

Have flexibility for free meals

Feel energised and look great!

FAQs for the Online Weight Reset

Does the plan include a consultation?

No - the reset is entirely online but comes with plenty of supporting information to guide you through the plan.

Are the vegetarian options?

Yes, there is a guide for vegetarian options.

How many calories are allowed each day?

The plan is designed to be between 1,400-1,500 kcal each day. I have designed the macros to optimise fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. Days where there is the option for a free meal you can calculate how many calories you have to 'spend' by looking at how many calories the rest of your meals contain. So if breakfast, snack and lunch total around 800 kcal, then you have 500-600 kcal to use for your free meal without going into too much of a calorie surplus.

Can my family eat the meals?

The plan has been designed for women, but can very easily be adapted for males too, and the whole family can follow it with a few adjustments. There is a guide that accompanies the reset which explains how to make adjustments. Pregnant or breastfeeding women would need to make calorific adjustments to meed their needs. Get in touch to discuss what changes you would need to make.

Can you swap meals around?

Yes! The reset has been designed with the greatest flexibility in mind. Each recipe comes with calorie and macro breakdown to make it easier for you to interchange meals. If you want to swap meals around try to swap for one that is similar in calories - ideally within 10 percent of the calories in the original meal.

What if I don't like the recipes?

No problem! I have included a variety of recipes so chances are not everyone will love everything! And that is totally fine. Meals can be doubled up and leftovers eaten later. As all meals show calorie and macro breakdown it makes it easy to sub in another meal, checking to make sure that the calories and macros are similar. If you try to keep swaps to within 10% of the original recipe you'll be fine. The snack ideas guide will give you snack options, and the email support along the way will give you ideas to change things up while staying on track with the plan.

Can I follow if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Please get in touch if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to discuss its suitability. The programme is totally natural, relying on real, wholesome & nutritious foods, so there is no reason why you can't follow along. However pregnant and breastfeeding women generally have higher calorie needs (the plan can absolutely be adapted for this), but only after discussion first.

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“ The programme was easy to follow without having to feel deprived.”

– Mrs A –

Are you ready to get started? 21 days of delicious meals await

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