Metabolic Balance

“Lisa created a plan for me that was sensible although really tough, and took me through the plan. She was at my side the whole time.”

– Stacey T –

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic balance® is an all-natural healthy eating programme based on real food - no diet pills, magic shakes or calorie counting involved. More than just a weight loss tool, the three-month programme helps rebalance your metabolism and hormones (particularly insulin and cortisol), increase fat burning, reduce inflammation, improve skin condition, and can help improve cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Increased energy and improved mood and sleep are also commonly reported. The award-winning programme was developed by Dr Wolf Funfack MD, a metabolic expert and Endocrinologist in Germany in 2002 and is based on over 20 years of research. Over 500,000 programmes have been successfully completed worldwide.


How does it work?

The first step is to book a consultation to assess your suitability for the programme, determine your goals and current health status and make sure you understand how the programme works. The £30 cost of this consultation is offset against the cost of the plan should you go ahead with the programme. We then arrange a blood test, the results of which will determine your unique food plan. This plan will outline the list of foods you can choose from, which are all readily available from the supermarket. No two plans are ever the same; your plan is totally unique. You can then start the programme, which consists of 4 phases:
Phase 1 – the preparation phase is a gentle 2-day detox to prepare you for phase 2
Phase 2 – the strict adjustment phase typically lasts for 14 days. This is the only really strict phase of the plan which you do need to follow to get the full benefit of the plan. Choosing from the foods on your individual food list, you will eat 3 meals each day and avoid snacking. Strenuous exercise is also discouraged during this phase to encourage the body to use fat as its energy source. Some people experience detox symptoms during the first few days, but most find a renewed sense of energy and find the associated weight loss highly motivating. Importantly, the weight lost is generally fat, not water or muscle as is often the case with other food restrictive diets.
Phase 3 – the relaxed adjustment phase which you start when your weight loss targets have been met. You now start to reintroduce extra foods back into your diet. You also get a ‘treat’ meal each week and can enjoy the odd glass of wine. You also reintroduce exercise.
Phase 4 – Maintenance phase usually started around week 12, but can vary depending on your weight goals. The maintenance phase is a life-long phase, based on the principles you have been following over the preceding 12 weeks which you will be able to apply to maintain your ideal weight.

Why choose Metabolic Balance?

Personalised nutrition makes so much sense. How can mainstream diets promoted for their weight loss potential actually work long term given we are all so unique. Of course if you go on a calorie restricted diet you will lose weight, but unless you are planning on being on a diet forever they rarely show long term benefits. By adjusting the body’s metabolism the Metabolic balance® programme can lead you towards a lifelong pattern of healthier eating and improved health.

The cost and what's included

The 3-month programme costs £795 which includes:

  • A comprehensive blood test* at the start of the programme, worth over £300, which forms the basis of your plan. Note: the blood test requires 12 hour fasting and avoidance of strenuous exercise for 24 hours beforehand (I therefore recommend taking it first thing in the morning)
  • An individualized food list and menu plan covering all 4 phases of the programme, based on your blood test
  • Six consultations - 3 face-to-face and 3 either via Skype or telephone
  • A follow-up blood test at the end of the plan (worth over £200)
  • Recipe ideas and meal plan suggestions
  • Reasonable telephone and email support between consultations
  • Blood tests are taken at TDL in central London.  Alternatively you can take them locally (for those outside London) and courier to TDL at additional charge for courier


Note: metabolic balance® is not suitable during pregnancy or when breastfeeding or those suffering renal or hepatic insufficiency, nor is it suitable for those following a vegan diet. It is advisable to check with your doctor before starting the programme if you suffer any pre-existing medical conditions that you are currently being treated for.
All new clients must first undergo an initial consultation to run through the programme, and assess its suitability for you. The £30 fee for this consultation will be offset against the full cost of the plan should you go ahead with it.
For more advice or information on the programme please contact Lisa on 07717 706017 or email Metabolic balance® is only available through fully-qualified coaches who have undergone the relevant training.


A study on the programme was published in 2010 in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (volume 2010, Article ID 197656 doi:10.1155/ 2010/197656) and can be accessed here:



Metabolic Balance is ideal for those who

Struggle to maintain weight

Have hormonal imbalances

Have autoimmune conditions

Want to know what foods to eat

Have slow metabolism

Want to increase fat burning

Struggle with hunger

Struggle with sugar cravings

Want to balance blood sugar

Seeking root cause of symptoms

“I'm sleeping better and feel good."

– Mr L –
He lost 8.5kgs in 3 months on the Metabolic Balance programme

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