Konjac noodles (glucomannan)

Have you tried konjac noodles or rice yet? If you’ve joined my membership site The Nourished, then you most likely have. In short, if you’re looking to reduce carbs to help manage your weight then these are definitely a food to look out for. 

So what is konjac? 

Konjac is a root vegetable that grows in parts of Asia. The root is ground down to make flour and “rice”. You do need to watch what is in store-bought konjac products (sometimes unwanted extras are added in and these brands are best avoided). Most commonly konjac root is mixed with oat or soybean flour to create a noodle or “rice”, plus a firming agent. The result is a product with virtually no calories or carbohydrates yet is high in fibre … a win/win! The fibre (glucomannan) acts as a prebiotic and is good for the gut, but is also good for making you feel full, supressing appetite and reducing cravings, which is why it relevant for weight loss. 

As an added bonus, glucommanan has other potential health benefits including reducing blood cholesterol, improving blood sugar levels and reducing risk for type 2 diabetes. 

How to use? 

First a disclaimer – they do pong a bit when opened and need to be rinsed. By themselves they are pretty bland, and need a punchy sauce. I often use the “rice” for stir frys or a chicken or tofu fried rice. The noodles lend themselves to a bold pasta sauce … nothing delicate like an aglio pasta (olive oil and garlic). Instead you want a bold pomodoro or arrabbiata or puttanesca style sauce. 

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